Policies & Rates


We look forward to helping you make your occasion elegant and memorable. Because we believe that good communication is the secret to successful event planning, we have outlined the quartet’s policies as follows:

– Please make sure to fill out the event form fully, and indicate a contact person that the quartet will be able to get in touch with on the day of the event.

– We request that you arrange to have armless chairs for the musicians, and adequate lighting. If the venue is outdoors, we request there be a contingency plan in the event of rain as string instruments, unfortunately, aren’t water resistant!

– Please inform us if amplification is needed, and if there will be power available. If power is not available, please let us know and we will do our best to make other arrangements.

– Full payment is due on the day of the wedding. Please estimate as accurately as possible the amount of time required for your ceremony. If your ceremony runs longer than planned, and an additional amount is required, we request that you send us a cheque for this portion within 10 days of the ceremony.


Our rate is charged per musician at the following rates:
£60/hour/musician for the first hour, and £45/hour/musician every hour thereafter. ex. for a quartet it would come to £240 for one hour, and £420 for two hours.

If there is waiting time between sets (between the ceremony and the reception for example) the rate will be charged at £15/hour per musician.

Travel rates for events are charged per Musicians’ Union rules, £9.50 per hour pro rata, or 47p per mile.

Special Requests

We will accommodate special requests for songs – please let us know your request at least 3 weeks in advance so we have time to procure the music and arrange your request for the group.

Rates for special requests

First 2 requests free, unless we have to purchase the score, in which case the rate would depend on the price online. (usually around £4.50)

After the first 2 requests, each request will be charged an arrangement fee of £15.